Routines entered into the wrong categories will be disqualified from scholarships and special awards. They will receive a mark and medal placement only.

A maximum of THREE acrobatic/gymnastic “tricks” will be allowed in all categories with the exception of the Acrobatic category. Tricks are defined as handsprings, aerials, walkovers, flips, chin stand forward rolls, etc.


Routine that incorporates a majority of acrobatic technique and tricks. Please see classifications section to determine years of training.


A routine consisting of ballet steps and technique. The dance has to tell a story or have a definite theme throughout. No pointe work is allowed in this category.


A routine strictly based on ballet steps and technique. No pointe work is allowed in this category.


A routine consisting of any technique involving an infinite variety of line and shape, a constantly evolving style of movement exploring current ideas. Dancers need not portray a character.


Routine must consist primarily of hip hop and/or street jazz technique.


A routine incorporating a majority of jazz technique.


A lyrical routine must portray strong emotions using a combination of ballet and jazz technique. Lyrical song choices must include lyrics.


A routine consisting of a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance and can take on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism.


Routine of national origin (ie; Highland, Ukrainian, Polynesian, etc.)


This category is for any routine that does not seem appropriate in any of the above listed categories. Note: A routine that should be entered in one of the other performance categories cannot be entered into this category. Please do not enter “extra” tap, jazz, lyrical, etc., routines in this category.


Routine with 15 or more people. Any discipline or combination thereof may be used. There must be some change in routine. (ex: music, props, costumes) Studios are allowed 5 minute set up and 5 minute take down.


No pointe work should be done before 12 years of age. Character, classical and contemporary pointe will be put into the same category.


This category is designed for students who choose to choreograph their own solo without the assistance from another student, teacher or choreographer. The solo must be an original routine and not taken from any other source (ie: YouTube). Changes to the solo discipline will not be permitted at festival. Solo may NOT be entered into any other category during the festival. All solos will be entered into the same adjudication. All dancers will receive a medal standing. Special awards to be chosen by the adjudicator.


A tap routine should consist of 95% tap technique. No jingle taps are allowed. Tap sounds must not be pre-recorded with music.


Includes routines with singing, lip-synching, dramatization, stage, etc.