Time Limits (New)

Solos 3 minutes
Duets/Trios 3 minutes
Small Groups 4 minutes
Large Groups 5 minutes
Lines 6 minutes

Timing begins once movement with music begins and ends when the last dancer cannot be seen. (ex: Routines that start onstage will not begin until the music starts.) There is a $100 fine for all routines that are 6 seconds or more over the time limit – spot checks will be made. Teachers have until the end of that adjudication day to pay the fines. Any outstanding fines will result in disqualification of that routine.

Medal Standings

High Gold 90 and over
Gold 85 – 89
Silver 80 – 84
Bronze 75 – 79

Overall awards presented at the end of each festival. These include High Score cash awards, Runner Up cash awards, Adjudicator’s Choice scholarships, Convention scholarships to Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver, scholarships to Harbour Dance Centre (Vancouver) and Broadway Dance Centre (New York).

Size of Groups

Duet 2 dancers
Trio 3 dancers
Small Group 4 – 9 dancers
Large Group 10 – 15 dancers
Line 16 or more dancers
Production 15 or more dancers

Duets and Trios will compete in the same category.