This is an invitational dance festival so we reserve the right to accept or deny entries.

Independent entries will not be accepted. Please see your studio director for entry forms.

The festival reserves the right to add or delete days dependent on the amount of entries received. NO REFUNDS will be given should a studio decide to withdraw because of the added/deleted days.

Please note that if you choose to enter dancers ages 5 years and under into the regular categories, NO PROMPTING OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED. If you wish to prompt these dancers, please enter them into the “Stars of Tomorrow” section of the festival.

The age of contestants will be governed by the age of the dancer as of March 1st, 2018.

8.50 goes to 8 year old category.
8.51 goes to 9 year old category.

The studio is responsible for entering their routines into the correct categories and divisions. Please ensure that you are using all years of training received at any and all studios.

A CD player and MP3 hook up will be provided. No live accompaniment is permitted. Teachers are responsible to play their own music.

No flash cameras, film, video equipment, or any other recording devices will be allowed in the theater during festival. Any person found using such equipment will be subject to possible disqualification of their child/studio from the festival and will be asked to leave the theatre.

All decisions by the adjudicators and timers are FINAL. No one is permitted to speak with the adjudicators and/or writers during the festival. Anyone infringing on this rule will be subject to disqualification of their child/studio.


Props are allowed in all categories — no dancers or live animals may be used as props. A maximum set up time of 1 minute and take down time of 1 minute is permitted. Props requiring more than the allotted time are subject to a $50 prop fee. PLEASE LIST PROPS ON ENTRY FORMS.

There is no competing against one’s self (same age, same category).

Re-dances will be allowed only if the routine is less than half finished. There are no 1st place standings given for re-dances. In case of technical difficulties or costume malfunctions, re-dances are allowed.

Rehearsal on the stage area is not permitted during the festival.

Absolutely NO PROMPTING OF ANY KIND by any persons backstage or in the audience. This will result in dancer and teacher disqualification. Exception to this rule is the Stars of Tomorrow Division.

Good sportsmanship and proper conduct is mandatory. Any offenders will be removed from the auditorium.

Parents are not permitted backstage.

The Festival reserves the right to run up to 30 MINUTES ahead of schedule. Please be sure all routines are properly prepared and ready in plenty of time. There will be no re-dances or refunds for not being backstage for your number.

SDP reserves the right to disqualify anyone infringing on the rules.

SDP will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.